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Here is the table of contents of our April issue. Editorial Board member Carina Gommers (Hoyng Rokh Monegier) penned a delightfully interesting editorial on effective remedies to tackle counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products, taking into account the recent EUIPO's study on "The economic cost of IPR infringement in the Pharmaceutical Industry" and the MEDICRIME Convention of the Council of Europe. We will post Carina's editorial after the weekend.

Our April issue also features a wide selection of Current Intelligence notes, including comments on trade mark rulings from Turkey and Canada. To whet your trade mark appetite, we also have a trio of CIs on recent EU rulings (including the General Court's judgments on the KitKat bar shape and the Guess logo) and a comprehensive EU trade mark round-up drafted by Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral and David Rogers, as well as an original and very interesting analysis of the protection of country names by Natalie GS Corthésy. Rob Kunstadt discusses patent jury trials in the US in light of the decision of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in MCM v HP (and of the recent decision of the Supreme Court to deny certiorari in this case). Rajam Neethu examines the issues surrounding biobanking and big genomic data, moving from the CoE's Recommendation CM/Rec (2016) 6 on research on biological materials of human origin and the recent World Medical Association's Declaration of Taipei on Ethical Considerations regarding Health Databases and Biobanks. Caterina Sganga provides an in depth critical analysis of the judgment of the CJEU in Soulier and Doke and evaluates its significance for EU copyright law. Our exchange with GRUR provides us with access to co-editor Eleonora Rosati's article on intermediary IP injunctions in the UK and EU context. Finally, our usual selection of book reviews looks at some of the latest publications in the field of IP.


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