JIPLP: it's better online, really!

If you take a subscription to the printed version of JIPLP, you will know that the October issue was despatched towards the end of that month and arrived on most people's desks last week (if you haven't received yours yet, it may have gone astray in the post).  However, if -- like most people -- you subscribe to the online version, you will have been able to access and enjoy not only the October issue but also the November issue before subscribers to the print version received their October JIPLPs.

To summarise, an online subscription can be accessed instantly upon publication; indeed, individual articles, Current Intelligence notes and reviews can be read even before they are published, since JIPLP makes them available online as soon as they have been prepared for publication.  The online subscription also gives access to the journal's searchable archive. It's also considerably cheaper, as you can see by comparing the journal's various subscription options here.

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