Books for review - Part III

As mentioned here, the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice has received a number of books available for review.

If you would like to volunteer to review one of them, finding out what makes it interesting, compelling or superfluous, please contact our managing editor, Sarah Harris, at sarah.harris@oup.comby Thursday 22 September. If you are not already known to us, please attach a CV or tell us why you believe that you are qualified to review the book that you have asked to review.

Please consider your commitments and availability before volunteering, as you will be asked to complete your review within a short but reasonable time (normally, 60 days). Reviewing a book can be a time consuming activity, but you are rewarded by the gratitude of authors and publishers, who benefit from constructive feedback and widespread awareness of their work, and of our readers, who rely on your objective advice to discover new and exciting books. Of course, reviewers get to keep the books (just in case you are after a more material reward...).

Besides these books and these other books, also the following are available for review:

Irene Calboli & Edward Lee
Edward Elgar

Jessica C Lai & Antoinette Maget Dominicé
Edward Elgar

Nicola Searle & Martin Brassell
Oxford University Press

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