In person interview - Keri Johnston

Our third "in person" interview features Keri Johnston (Johnston Law, Toronto, Canada), who joined JIPLP's editorial board in July 2015 and co-edited our special issue on indigenous intangible property rights. Keri is a leading IP practitioner whose 20 years' experience in IP litigation and management is accompanied by a passion for researching, discussing and writing on any IP matter that catches her attention. You can read more about her professional career here, before letting yourself be inspired by Keri's words below.

A short note to all our readers: the In Person series features a selection of IP personalities chosen by the editors of JIPLP. However, we would be absolutely delighted if you shared your own In Person interview, either as a comment to this post, or via email. Further, you may wish to take our list of questions and ask them to your favourite IP people, sharing the resulting interviews with our readers. The In Person series, after all, is about each and every one of us!

In Person interview with Keri Johnston

How did you first become interested in intellectual property?

I worked on generic drug cases in Canada.

Who were your formative influences in IP?

Jeremy Phillips, Pat Kole, Malcolm Johnston.

What was the first IP-related task you had to undertake?

I appeared in the Federal Court of Canada on a judicial review application three weeks after being called to the bar.

What IP reform would you most like to see implemented?

Recognition that IP can protect cultural diversity through the TCK/GI continuum.

Who or what is the IP owner’s worst enemy?

The IP zealot.

Who in IP today do you most admire?

My reflective colleagues who keep their work in perspective.

If you could not have been involved in IP, what would you have liked to be?

A Constitutional lawyer.

What IP publication/training course do you particularly recommend?

JIPLP – of course!

What is your favourite song/book/film?

Leaving Las Vegas left me speechless and I bought the book after seeing the film.

What’s your favourite meal …?

As a celiac my favourite meal is anything gluten free.

… and with whom would you most want to eat it?

My family.

What brand most closely reflects your personal ethos?

Comrags (from Canada).

What three words best describe you?

“Made in Canada”

If a genie offered you three wishes, what would they be?

1) More time.

2) Wisdom.

3) Good health.

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