January editorial - JIPLP at 10: what's next?

The January issue of JIPLP carries a welcoming editorial by our three new editors. The journal has just celebrated its first ten years, but what is in store for the next ten? You can read our thoughts and ideas for JIPLP's future below, but we would love to know yours [which is one of the reasons why we posted the editorial on a foggy, rainy Sunday!].

JIPLP at 10: what's next?

During its first ten years of life the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) has developed and thrived under the guidance of its legendary Editor, Jeremy Phillips. It has become a leading publication in the area of intellectual property, and has combined the rigour of the peer-reviewed selection process for its contributions with more informal channels, eg a blog, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn group. The Journal has welcomed, and actively encouraged, the contribution of authors, peer reviewers and Editorial Board members with different professional and legal backgrounds, enabling a constant exchange of ideas and knowledge that is vital for the evolution of intellectual property law and practice. The informal channels have transformed this flow into an open dialogue, allowing authors and readers to engage as part of a broader community of intellectual property practitioners, academics and students, whose development has possibly been initiated and certainly promoted by Jeremy Phillips himself.

In addition, our Journal has been present not only on paper and online, but has also organised a number of events that have allowed interested individuals from across a number of different countries to engage in the discussion of topical issues. On the one hand, the partnership with GRUR has resulted in an ongoing exchange of ideas and knowledge that has perhaps brought German and UK lawyers as close as ever. On the other hand, the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice provided an opportunity for over 200 intellectual property enthusiasts – whether students, policy-makers, members of the judiciary, practitioners, academics, lobb decided to gather for a one-day event in London in late November 2015. On this occasion, the unparalled contribution of Jeremy Phillips to intellectual property law and education was also celebrated. Jeremy has had an incredible impact on this area of the law, both personally and professionally, and has also somehow made those active in intellectual property feel even more enthusiastic about the area in which they practise, research or study.

While Jeremy will be deeply missed as a professional and personal figure, his legacy will serve us both as guidance and further stimulus to continue developing his idea of intellectual property.

As such, the Journal will continue to exert a rigorous control over the contributions submitted for consideration for publication, thanks to its network of peer-reviewers and the active support of the members of the Editorial Board, as well as feedback from its readers. It will strive for excellence, and provide readers with first-class analyses of topical developments facing intellectual property. In addition, the Journal will promote the active exchange of ideas through its more informal online channels and its partnership with GRUR, as well as the organisation of events aimed at discussing current and controversial issues.

During its first decade of life, the Journal has seen an evolution in both the publishing industry and intellectual property. The next decade promises to be equally challenging and exciting. It is vital that a journal devoted to intellectual property law and practice keeps evolving accordingly.

Our triumvirate of editors aims to continue the work that Jeremy Phillips has initiated and conducted so impressively for several years, and make treasure of his enthusiasm to make any adjustments and introduce any changes that may become necessary over time.

As our predecessor, we intend to provide our readers with information and analyses that are relevant, useful and intelligible. As such, readers are and remain the alfa and omega of our work. We welcome suggestions for topics to cover from readers and prospective contributors alike. When conducting our editorial work and giving feedback to authors, we also aim to seek relevant clarifications and make any changes that may be necessary, bearing our readership in mind.

Like numerous others in the intellectual property community, the three of us have learned a lot from Jeremy Phillips, both as a professional and (possibly more importantly) as a person. We have been impressed with his generosity, enthusiasm, and encyclopaedic knowledge of this area of the law alike. Most importantly, we have loved and been inspired by his pioneer-like spirit.

All these qualities are unique to Jeremy. However, insofar as we are able, we will seek to rely on them as principles that will guide our work as the new editors of JIPLP.

January issue now available: what's in it?

The new January 2016 issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) has now been published in full online. Subscribers to the electronic version of the journal can access this issue here (and can find articles online even before publication, thanks to OUP's Advance Access feature). Non-subscribers can purchase short-term access to individual items via the JIPLP website (information about subscriptions for 2016 can be found here). 

The editorial, written by our three new editors, will be posted in full tomorrow.

The contents of the January issue are as follows:


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