The JIPLP index

The print version of the 2009 index has been sent out with the April 2010 issue of JIPLP.

The JIPLP production team discussed the future of the index earlier this year. Since the basic subscription is now for the online version, there is an attractive argument that the index should be made available online too (at present it is not accessible via the journal's website). If this is done, a further option is to operate a single consolidated and monthly updated index, rather than following the traditional model of one-year indexes which correspond to the volume year.

From the point of view of contributors who are keen to make their writings accessible, as well as subscribers and the general IP public, a strong argument can also be made for making the index available online to everyone and not merely to subscribers.

At the top of the side bar of this weblog you will find a short poll regarding possible treatments of the index. Can you please let us know your preference? The poll closes next week, on Tuesday 20 April.

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