Buff up your submissions!

I have just disovered today the existence of a language polishing service, provided by Oxford University Press. This service is aimed principally at articles which have reached the presubmission stage, where the author seeks a degree of assistance in making that article easier to read and therefore easier for peer reviewers to assess. According to OUP,
"This service is for authors who do not possess good English language skills to edit their manuscripts. The aim is to enable referees to evaluate the content of the manuscript. English-language editing will: correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; delete redundant words and phrases; replace inappropriate words and generally improve clarity; ensure that the tone of the language is appropriate ...".
There is a fee, but it can work out at as little as US$0.032 per word. For further information concerning this service please click here; for further details of charge click here.

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  1. There is an alternative at http://www.Scribendi.com as well.