A message from the Editor

I'd like to thank the journal's contributors for the articles, Current Intelligence notes and other contributions which they have made this year. Since so many JIPLP authors are drawn from the ranks of its readers, the journal has an ideal opportunity to let its contents reflect its readers' prime interests and concerns within the very wide field which is intellectual property today. This in turn is reflected in the journal's buoyant level of subscriptions and high rate of renewals -- no mean feat in a period which, if no longer recessionary, is still only in the early stages of recovery.

I also have some cautionary words. Plagiarism, and its unwelcome cousin -- making use of other people's work without due acknowledgement -- are practices which are endemic in a world which fails to respect intellectual property. Our readers are entitled to be spared from their worst effects, but no journal, not even JIPLP, enjoys an automatic immunity from the unauthorised lifting of text and content from their original authors.

JIPLP affirms its commitment to take a firm line against plagiarism and failure to attribute sources. If any author or reader suspects that he or she is the victim of either of these practices, please email me immediately with as many details as are available, so that steps can be taken to attribute uncited sources and to acknowledge the true authorship of text and tables which have been copied without permission.  Any author who perpetrates these practices will be unwelcome within the JIPLP community and can be assured that this journal will not want to publish further content from a tainted source.

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