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Here's a bit of news about some of our team.  JIPLP Editorial Board founder-member Timothy Pinto has just been promoted to Special Counsel and Head of the Publishing Group at Taylor Wessing.  We are also remiss in failing to mention earlier that Tim's Editorial Board colleague Birgit Clark has moved from Boult Wade Tennant to a new position at Berwin Leighton Paisner.  We wish them both the very best!

The printed version June 2011 issue of JIPLP was posted a while ago and should be with you by now.  Don't forget -- the safest, easiest, speediest and indeed cheapest way to benefit from a subscription to JIPLP is to sign up for the electronic version.

Editing: it can be a nightmare
if contributors don't help!
Now for a quick word from me as editor.  I do my best to keep JIPLP bubbling with lively, interesting and well-written content wherever possible, and I put a lot of effort into my role.  There are however some things I can't do.  These things include, and are therefore not limited to, the following:
  • Giving authors and readers permission to reproduce articles, current intelligence notes and other features, whether in whole or part, however nicely they ask.  OUP is the exclusive licensee, and I have no permission that I can give;
  • Giving authors permission to use third party material;
  • Filling in the gaps and missing references which an author has neglected or been unable to identify;
  • Verifying the functionality of internet addresses;
  • Reading and giving an opinion on first, second and third drafts of articles before they've even been submitted;
  • Telling contributors which issue their contributions will be published in, until such time as the production team has had a chance to meet and organise the material before it -- this rarely takes place within two hours of an article being submitted for publication;
  • Advising contributors of the likelihood that any journal other than JIPLP will be able and willing to publish their work.
If you bear this in mind and make life easier for me, I'll do my best to make life sweet for you!

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