More books for review

Another temptingly interesting batch of new intellectual property books has become available for review:
Common principles of European Intellectual Property law, edited by Ansgar Ohly.  This book, published by Mohr Siebeck, postulates that European IP law is often seen through the spectacles of national law and that pan-European discussions about issues of Community law seem to be the exception. The contributors to this volume investigate if and to what extent European rules and principles applicable to all IP rights already exist or whether they can be found on the basis of the acquis communautaire and comparative law. They also discuss the merits and the methodology of common principles before turning to several areas of substantive intellectual property law such as grounds of protection, secondary liability and exceptions, to enforcement and finally to the relationship between IP and neighbouring areas of EU law. Further information is available from the book's web page here.

Der Patentanwalt, by Uwe Pitzner. Published by Carl Heymanns Verlag.  This work is aimed firmly at the patent practitioner and gives advice concerning client relationships, contracts, professional requirements and -- perhaps most usefully -- problems and pitfalls that the German patent attorney may encounter when dealing with matters pertaining to the United States, France and the United Kingdom. Further information is available from this book's web page here
Heilmittelwerbegesetz, by Peter Bülow, Gerhard Ring, Markus Artz and Kerstin Brixius. Published by Carl Heymanns Verlag. This is a commentary on the origin, structure and provisions of the German HWG, European law on public relations and trade to advertising, prohibitions and requirements in pharmaceutical advertising, fines and penalties for violations of the HWG. Further information is available from this book's web page here.

EPÜ – und PCT-Tabellen, by Zdenko Bozic, Isabell Düwel, Markus Gabriel, Benjamin Teufel. Published by Carl Heymanns Verlag. This volume contains a tabular overview of EPC 2000 and PCT application procedures, with EQE examples as teaching aids -- but there's more to it than that. The book deals with workflow, deadlines, divisional applications, etc. Further information is available from this book's web page here.
If you would like to review any of these titles, please email Sarah Harris at Oxford University Press ( and inform her accordingly, but not later than this Friday, 30 March.  If you have not previously reviewed a book on the subject that you request, and are not known to the journal, do please state briefly why you feel qualified to review the requested volume.  Please remember that, in the event that you do not review the book, you are expected to return it speedily to JIPLP so that it can be sent out expeditiously to another reviewer.

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