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Here is another pair of titles from Oxford University Press that require reviewing for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP). If you consider yourself suitably qualified to review either of these titles, please email Sarah Harris here by not later than next Tuesday, 11 September, and let her know.  If you have not reviewed a work for JIPLP before, please give an indication of your suitability.

Knowledge as Property: Issues in the Moral Grounding of Intellectual Property Rights by Rajshree Chandra.  Published by OUP India,
"The book critically analyses the nature and scope of intellectual property rights using three different approaches: the philosophical, the empirical, and the theoretical. It studies the different justifications usually put forward in favour of protecting intellectual property rights, and shows how such rights come into conflict with other rights in society. The volume also discusses their benefits and drawbacks with the help of case studies. The author contends that rights can and should be 'structured in a lexical order of priority where rights which are linked to survival strategies ought to have enough legal teeth to trump rights which are more in the nature of economic entitlements, like intellectual property rights are'".
Further details of this publication may be obtained here.


Blackstone's Statutes on Intellectual Property (Eleventh Edition, edited by Andrew Christie and Stephen Gare).  Published in OUP's Blackstone's Statute Series, this work is the latest edition of a work with which many practitioners and students are familiar.  Further details are available from its web page here. The publishers describe this work as "having a 25-year tradition of trust and quality unrivalled by other statute books, and a rock solid reputation for accuracy, reliability and authority. Content is peer reviewed to ensure a close map to courses".

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