Thomas Terrell and the Secret Santa

This year's Festive Feature piece, "The Incredible Affair of the Secret Santa", is now available online. Another masterpiece from the fertile pen of Christopher Wadlow, this sumptuous concoction of painstaking research and febrile fancy opens thus:
"What could be more seasonable than a good old-fashioned Victorian melodrama, complete with a beautiful and long-suffering young heroine, an insufferably priggish young hero, two vile and villainous parliamentarians (one a vulgar Tory parvenu, the other a vicious Liberal aristocrat), a chorus of rude but honest East End mechanicals and a sentimental Russian nihilist with a talent for conjuring rubies and emeralds out of thin air? And what could be more appropriate for this Journal than an exclusive preview of just such a melodrama, from the pen of Thomas Terrell QC, of Terrell on the Law of Patents, no less?"
The author, Professor of Law at the University of East Anglia and author of Passing Off: Unfair Competition by Misrepresentation, is a member of the JIPLP editorial board.

This item, and others, can be accessed via JIPLP's Advance Access facility, here.

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