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Here's the next batch of books awaiting review in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice.  If you think you are the right person to review any of these titles, email Sarah Harris at by not later than next Wednesday, 10 July and let her know.  If you have not yet written for JIPLP and are unknown to us, do please append a copy of your CV or give us some idea of your credentials for reviewing the requested title.

Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel
Authors: Eran Liss and Dan Adin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
"Provides a clear, comprehensive overview of Israeli intellectual property laws and related laws, with extensive cross reference between chapters Extensive analysis of pertinent case law, referencing trends and changes over time Contains numerous examples and illustrations to provide an idea of how Israeli courts apply the rules in practice Provides a practical approach from practitioners with extensive experience in the field". 
For further details, see book's website here


Intellectual Property Rights And The Financing Of Technological Innovation: Public Policy and the Efficiency of Capital Markets
Author: Carl Benedikt Frey
Publisher: Edward Elgar

"Following the transition of industrial nations to knowledge economies, the financing of technological innovation has become a central issue in public policy, corporate finance and business management. This detailed book examines the role of intellectual property rights in facilitating the financing of technological innovation as well as the role of policy makers, investors and managers in this process. The book’s central finding is that public policy plays a key role in promoting the corporate disclosure of intellectual property-related information to enhance the efficiency of capital markets. This not only reduces the costs of capital for technology-driven firms but ultimately spurs innovation and economic growth".

For further details, see book's website here


International Copyright: Principles, Law, and Practice (Third Edition)

Authors: Paul Goldstein and P. Bernt Hugenholtz
Publisher: Oxford University Press

International Copyright: Principles, Law, and Practice surveys and analyzes the legal doctrines affecting copyright practice around the world, in both transactional and litigation settings. It provides a step-by-step methodology for advising clients involved in exploiting creative works in or from foreign countries. Written by two of the most esteemed experts of copyright law in the United States and Europe, this volume is a unique synthesis of copyright law and practice, taking into account the Berne Convention, the TRIPs Agreement, the ongoing harmonization of copyright in the European Union, and the impact of the Internet. National copyright rules on protectible subject matter, ownership, term, and rights are covered in detail and compared from country to country, as are topics on moral rights and neighboring rights. Separate sections cover such important topics as territoriality, national treatment and choice of law, as well as the treaty and trade arrangements that underlie substantive copyright norms.
For further details, see book's website here

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