Want to review a weblog or Twitter account?

Part of JIPLP's aim was to provide reviews not merely for books, in the conventional manner, but also for other media in which ideas and information concerning intellectual property law and practice are promulgated.  This might take the form of, for example, films, weblogs, Twitter feeds and so on.  After all, it is now beyond doubt that alternative and social media attract far wider attention and much more devoted readership than do the traditional, paper-based products on which most of us depended for our legal education and our introduction to principles of IP law.

In its earliest days JIPLP did indeed carry reviews of alternative and social media, but it is a while since we have commissioned such reviews.  But the time has come to look afresh at the available materials and to commission our readers to produce some fresh impressions of them.

Accordingly, JIPLP seeks reviews of the following:
* The TTABlog (well-respected US trade mark weblog, last reviewed in our December 2006 issue) 
* The EPLAW Patent Blog (a multi-authored European-based patent blog which has not previously been reviewed) 
* Excess Copyright (a highly active and sometimes outspoken weblog with archives reaching back to 2006) 
* IP Kenya (Victor B. Nzomo's often challenging blog, which was launched at the beginning of 2011)
JIPLP is also interested in receiving reviews of these Twitter accounts:
* @WIPO (the Twitter account of the World Intellectual Property Organization, which now has over 10,300 followers) 
* @USPTO ("Leading the Nation and the World ...": over 13,000 followers) 
* @European Patent Office (official account of the Munich-based institution, with over 8,400 followers)
If these reviews work out well, we'll be looking for more.

If you would like to review one of the above, please email Sarah Harris at sarah.harris@oup.com by not later than close of play on Friday 23 August. As usual, if we don't already know you and you haven't written or reviewed anything for us before, do send us a biographical note or explain why you feel that you are well qualified to write the review for us.

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