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Following our post last Thursday offering books for review, here's another list of books for which JIPLP seeks reviewers.  If you think that you are the right person to review one of these titles, please email Sarah Harris at and tell her, by not later than close of play on Wednesday 27 November. If you are not yet known to us, please let us have sight of your CV or some other explanation as to why you feel that the book should be reviewed by you rather than anyone else.

The books on offer are as follows:

Title: Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property: Concepts, Actors and Practices from Past to Present
Editors: Stathis Arapostathis and Graham Dutfield
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
"The book links the practices and regimes of the past with those of contemporary and emerging forms, covering the mid-19th century to the present. The contributors are noted scholars from various disciplines including history of science and technology, intellectual property law, and innovation studies. The chapters offer original perspectives on how proprietary regimes in knowledge production processes have developed as a socio-political phenomenon of modernity, as well as providing an analysis of the way individuals, institutions and techno-sciences interact within this culture.
With in-depth analysis, this book will appeal to academics and students of STS (Science, Technology and Society), history of science and technology, business history, innovation studies, law, science and technology policy as well as business studies. Historians of science and technology and business will also find much to interest them in this book.".
Further information is available from the book's web page here

Title: Holyoak & Torremans Intellectual Property Law (7th edition)
Author: Paul Torremans
Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • A concise and thoroughly readable introduction to intellectual property law in the UK; the European and increasingly international dimensions are also explored
  • Places the recent developments in intellectual property law in their economic and social contexts, ensuring students are able to understand the fundamental underpinnings of intellectual property law
  • Flow diagrams and charts help illustrate key principles and processes
  • Chapter introductions and concluding overviews set the scene and provide a succinct summary of the topics, as well as prompting areas for further thought
Further information is available from the book's web page here

Title: Intellectual Property and Digital Content (two volumes)
Editor: Richard S Gruner
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
"Few changes in the world of intellectual property (IP) have been as transformative as the advent and proliferation of digital content works. The high value of these works in modern society has prompted calls for new IP standards to promote the protection – and the sharing – of such valuable assets. 
Assembling some of the best analyses by legal scholars, these volumes explore the implications both of applying older IP standards to the new digital technologies and of devising new enhanced IP standards for the digital age. In covering the influences of patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property laws, this wide-ranging collection reflects the sweeping impacts of IP standards and controversies on digital content works."
Further information is available from the book's web page here

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  1. Ideally what is needed is a 'standard' review which tells you whether the book is well written, informed, lucid etc, and then a critical review which is unafraid of dissecting each book from a less establishment background, unafraid of identifying possible author, or even publishing house, biases.