Copyright articles in search of an author

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice is currently hoping to receive some potential contributions in the area of copyright. Here is a non-exclusive selection of topics which we would be particularly happy to see covered:

Online copyright infringements and private international law [TAKEN]

Transformative uses under EU copyright law [TAKEN]

- Copyright enforcement: the case of injunctions [TAKEN]

- Hyperlinking, framing, embedding and ... copyright? [TAKEN]

- Does copyright subsist in playlists? [TAKEN]

- Help: I need some evidence! But what is evidence for copyright policy? [TAKEN]

- Burden of proof and the significance of legal presumptions in copyright litigation [TAKEN]

If you would like to tackle one of these subjects yourself or together with a colleague, either as it stands or with some variation, please send an email to And here, in the event that you've decided to write on these or indeed other topics, is some guidance for authors of articles submitted to JIPLP.

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    We found the Peanuts cartoons highly entertaining. However, as we have a policy of publishing original material, we did not feel that they would be suitable for our list. We do wish you well with your writing career.

    Yours sincerely

    Charles M. Schulz