Beware of Predatory Publishers

Contributors to JIPLP sometimes email to say that they have been invited to write for often impressive-sounding journals of which they have never heard, and which offer to charge them for the privilege of publishing their work.  These publications are appropriately termed "predatory publishers".  As Wikipedia explains
"In academic publishing, some publishers and journals have attempted to exploit the business model of open-access publishing by charging large fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services associated with more established and legitimate journals. "Beall's List", a regularly-updated report by Jeffrey Beall, sets forth criteria for categorizing predatory publications and lists publishers and independent journals that meet those criteria".
Jeffrey Beall's Scholarly Open Access blog carries a list of hitherto identified predatory publishers which, sadly, is a long one. The 2014 list can be surveyed here.

I have just received an email, the relevant parts of which are reproduced below:
13 - September - 2014 
Dear Dr. Jeremy Phillips,

I came across to your research paper titled "Switzerland still not part of Germany, even for trade mark purposes" and feel that your research is having a very good impact
[this "research paper" is actually a 1,350 word Current Intelligence note published this April. I'm not aware of it having any impact on anyone ...].
With a view to begin a long-term fruitful association with you, I invite you to submit your upcoming research articles / papers for publication in Global Journal of Management and Business Research (GJMBR), an international double blind peer reviewed research journal [Has any reader of this blog come across this title or any articles published in it? Has anyone been invited to peer-review any submission made to it? Has anyone had an article rejected by it? It would be good to know].

This may be noted that due date of forthcoming issue GJMBR is 15 October, 2014.

The process of publication is expected to be completed within three to five weeks. Our processes follow rigid quality control measures and comply with international standards in journal publishing. For more details please refer to websites (Core Website) and

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. R. K. Dixit

Chief Author (Hon.)

(Fellow of Association of Research in Business [I can find no evidence to suggest that this Association exists])

Global Journals Incorporated [no.150 on Beall's List]
Naturally it is for JIPLP contributors to decide where and how they submit their articles and case notes. However, they are advised to check carefully whether the journals to which they send their work are those which will enable them to reach their target readership, will reflect well upon their professional or scholarly reputation and which offer a truly interactive and constructive peer review and editorial process that will help enhance the quality and the readability of the published product.


  1. Thank you, Jeremy, for drawing attention to this issue.

    I have received similar emails on a number of occasions following publication of articles, comments and book reviews and have frequently wondered about their authenticity - thank you for clarifying the position.


  2. I just received that exact email also! I was treating it as spam and this confirms my thinking. Thank you for this update.

  3. I received a copy of the mail a few moments ago and decided to check the existence of the purported journal. Was just doubting what "good impact" my article has; it was published less than 40 days ago. Jeremy, thank you for exposing the scammer.

  4. I too received that exact email yesterday and was confused. So I checked internet for the journal and about Dr. R. K. Dixit. His designation, fellowship association all sound new. Thanks for this page.

    1. Thank you, I have just received the exact same email today and it seemed odd to me too.

  5. I also got same mail as describet above. Do thay just wanna take my money and don't submit the paper or they are after my research? What is the goal of this kind of invitations?