The JIPLP readers and writers LinkedIn Group

The JIPLP readers and writers LinkedIn Discussion Group is a facility that assists JIPLP in finding authors, identifying subjects and exchanging information both with its contributors and its readers -- whether they are subscribers in their own right or belong to subscribing institutions.

The Group, which is carefully monitored so as to exclude advertisements, circulars, recruitment posts and other inappropriate content, welcomes participation and encourages prospective contributors and subscribers to sign up.  The sort of issues that appear and are open for discussion can be seen from the list of recent topics that appears below:
  • Publishing reviews of IP on the electronic media as well as traditional books (here
  • Animated gifs: IP problems (here
  • Convoyed damages: articles needed (here
  • Patent term extensions outside the EU and US (here
  • Impact of the Lisbon System for geographical indications and appellations of origin (here
  • Deep Web, Dark Web and intellectual property: a call for articles -- and ideas (here
  • Latin and foreign-language quotes, and translations (here
  • Falsely marking goods as being protected by IP rights (here
  • Employees, intellectual property and LinkedIn (here
This Discussion Group, which currently has 368 members, complements JIPLP's Twitter account at @JIPLP, which now has 821 followers, and this weblog -- which has almost reached the one thousand mark for email subscribers and has received more than three quarters of a million page views. This all reflects JIPLP's determination to reach out beyond the bookshelves and library stacks and to touch the hearts and minds of intellectual property owners and practitioners as being a journal that is relevant, current and caring.

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