Still early July -- but here's the August issue!

With impressive and almost unparalleled speed and efficiency, the production team at Oxford University Press managed to get the electronic version of the August 2015 issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice out online, in full, last Friday 2 July.  Well done, team!  You can check out the contents below; the contents for whichever issue is the most current can always be checked out on the JIPLP website here.

A "first" in this issue is Greg Sidak's piece on FRAND licences in India, JIPLP's first open access contribution [for an explanation of what this means, click to read our earlier jiplp blogpost here] and therefore something that you can enjoy without any additional cost, even if you are not a subscriber.

The Editorial for this issue is by new editorial board member Molly Stech and it's called "Naming opportunities". We will be posting this editorial in full on this weblog later today.  The rest of the August issue looks like this:

Current Intelligence


From GRUR Int.

IP in Review

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