More books in search of a review

JIPLP has received four more books for review. If you are interested in reviewing one of them, please email Sarah Harris at and tell her of your interest, ideally by close of play on Wednesday 2 September.

If you are not yet known to JIPLP as a contributor or reviewer, do send us your CV or tell us why you think you are the right person to review the book you are are requesting. Don't forget: if you review the book, you get to keep it -- but if you don't review it in a timely manner, we ask for it back so that it can be reviewed by someone else.

These are the books:

Title: Managing the Legal Nexus Between IP and Employees: Domestic and Global Contexts
Editors: L Oswald and M Pagnattaro
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
The explosion in intellectual capital coincides with a growing understanding of the importance of human capital to the firm. This book examines the pressing legal issues that arise at the intersections of intellectual property law, employment law, and global trade, such as the use of employment contracts to protect intellectual property, ownership of intellectual property created by the employee, officer liability issues relating to infringement, post-employment confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and inadvertent or deliberate misappropriation or theft of trade secrets.
Further details are available from the book's web page here.


Title: A User’s Guide to Trade Marks and Passing Off (4th edition)
Authors: N Caddick QC and B Longstaff
Publisher: Bloomsbury
... [F]ocuses on the current law relating to the protection of registered trademarks and certain related rights. This includes registered trade marks, well-known trade marks, certification marks, collective marks, protested geographical origin indicators, international conventions, and Passing off.

There is clear explanation of the underlying principles and concepts with a breakdown of procedural matters, thereby helping to tie the different areas together.
Further details are available from the book's web page here.


Title: International Handbook of Social Media Laws
Author: P Lambert
Publisher: Bloomsbury
[This] is the only title currently available to address social networking laws at an international level. It clearly explains each of the main legal issues and developments across various legal jurisdictions to ensure that a company's social media presence can be fully compliant with the law of each country.

It covers all aspects of the law from a UK and international perspective by offering country report chapters that highlight the legal issues, cases and rules in each jurisdiction.
Further details are available from the book's web page here.


Title: IP and Genetically Modified Organisms: A Convergence in Laws
Editors: C Lawson and B Charnley (eds)
Publisher: Ashgate
Taking a global viewpoint, this volume addresses issues arising from recent developments in the enduring and topical debates over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their relationship to Intellectual Property (IP).

The work examines changing responses to the growing acceptance and prevalence of GMOs. Drawing together perspectives from several of the leading international scholars in this area, the contributions seek to break away from analysis of safety and regulation and examine the diversity of ways the law and GMOs have become entangled.

This collection presents the start of a much broader engagement with GMOs and law. As GMO technology becomes increasingly more complex and embedded in our lives, this volume will be a useful resource in leading further discussion and debate about GMOs in academia, in government and among those working on future policy.
Further details are available from the book's web page here.

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