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Here's our latest batch of titles received by Oxford University Press and awaiting a review in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP).  Do please contact Sarah Harris at if you would like to be considered for reviewing one of them. If you are not already known to us, can you please either attach a CV or explain to us why you believe that you are qualified to review the book that you have asked to review.   A word of warning: if you are unable to deliver the review within a short but reasonable time of receiving the book, you will be asked to return it so that it can be reviewed by someone else -- and you may not be invited to review any further books.

Review requests should be received by not later than close of play on Tuesday 20 OctoberThe books available for review are as follows:

Title: Innovation & IP: Collaborative Dynamics in Africa

Editors: J de Beer and others
Publishers: UCT Press
"In the global knowledge economy, intellectual property rights - and the innovations they are meant to spur - are important determinants of progress. But what does this mean for the nations of Africa? One view is that strong IP protection can facilitate innovation in African settings. Others say that existing IP systems are simply not suited to the realities of Africa. This book, based on case studies and evidence collected across nine countries in Africa sheds new light on the complex relationships between innovation and intellectual property. It covers findings across many sites of innovation and creativity, including music, leather goods, textiles, cocoal, coffee, auto parts, traditional medicine, book publishing, biofuels and university research, and presents a picture in which innovators share a common appreciation for collaboration and openness".
Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website here


Title: US Patent law for European Patent Professionals
Author: Audrey Nemeth 
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

This is the first book that has been designed to make communication between European and US patent law professionals more comprehensible. 
It explains exactly what is required at every stage of a patent proceeding in the United States, helping European patent professionals understand and act upon the facts. It ensures that both parties have a common understanding of basic US legal terms, and that you – a EU practitioner – will understand the available courses of action for the most common procedural scenarios.

Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website here


Title: The Breeder’s Exception to Patent Rights: Analysis of Compliance with Article 30 of the TRIPS Agreement
Author: Viola Prifti 
Publisher: Springer
This book is the first to analyze the compliance of different types of a breeder's exception to patent rights with article 30 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. This type of exception allows using protected biological matter for breeding new varieties of plants. The breeder’s exception is widely accepted under plant variety legislation, but it is not common under patent laws despite the fact that patent rights often cover plant varieties. Only few European countries have adopted such an exception. After the entry into force of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court, the exception will be mandatory for all European Union Member states. Based on a legal and economic approach, this book offers guidance to those countries that need to incorporate a breeder's exception into their national patent systems and suggests the importance of the exception for promoting plant breeding activities.
Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website here


Title: IP and Other Things: A Collection of Essays and Speeches
Author: Robin Jacob 
Publisher: Hart/Bloomsbury
The Rt Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob has been variously a leading member of the Intellectual Property Bar, a High Court judge and, as Lord Justice Jacob, a judge in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. His primary area of expertise is intellectual property (IP) rights. He chose to leave the Court of Appeal in March 2011 to take up his current position as the Sir Hugh Laddie Chair in intellectual property at University College London. He still sits occasionally in the Court of Appeal and is a door tenant at 8 New Square. These essays, selected from his published and unpublished writings and lectures, illustrate the breadth of his learning in IP and other matters. They are written in typically straightforward and entertaining style and, in the case of the older essays, a commentary of what has happened since they were first published. They will be of interest to any lawyer, law student or scholar interested in the development of IP law in the past quarter century.
Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website


Title: A-Book: How to draft claims and the introductory part of a patent application and pass Paper A of the European Qualifying Examination
Author: Erich Waeckerlin
Publisher: Carl Heymanns Verlag
Das englischsprachige Werk dient insbesondere Patentanwaltskandidaten zur Vorbereitung auf den Prüfungsteil A (patent application / Anmeldeverfahren) der Europäische Eignungsprüfung.

Nach einer ersten allgemeinen Einführung wird in einem speziellen Abschnitt das Patentanmeldeverfahren, jeweils mit Hinweisen auf die Besonderheiten in Mechanik und Chemie, erörtert. Im Anhang werden Musterlösungen in allen drei Amtssprachen (DE, FR, EN) je für Mechanik und Chemie dargestellt.

Die Musterlösungen enthalten eine systematisierte Zusammenstellung der häufigsten Fehler mit Gegenüberstellung der zutreffenden Lösung.
Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website


Title: Intellectual Property Revolution: Successfully manage your IP assets, protect your brand and add value to your business in the digital economy 
Author: Shireen Smith 
Publisher: Rethink Press 

We're undergoing a quiet revolution. The new currency in our digital economy is information, ideas, know-how, brands, systems and data. Whether you're starting a new business, building a brand identity or launching a new product or service, you're also creating intellectual property. Do it right and the intangible assets you create could be worth more than the products or services themselves. Do it wrong and you could miss vital opportunities, have your true value stolen or find yourself on the wrong side of an intellectual property dispute. Shireen Smith brings her years of experience as an IP lawyer with specialist knowledge of the digital playing field to highlight the new threats and opportunities of IP in today's global marketplace.
Further information concerning this title can be obtained from the book's website

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