Topics in search of an author

Intellectual property is continuously evolving to adapt to legal, social and economic changes. JIPLP welcomes contributions on a wide range of topics, which are exemplified by the non-exclusive list in our sidebar. Here is a selection of topics which are currently in search of an author, provided by our editors:


- Should ISPs exert a more stringent duty of care in contrasting potential IP infringements?
- Joint authorship and copyright: the case of Anne Frank's Diary
- Geoblocking, copyright, business models, and competition law: should things change?
- Copyright protection in fictional characters under UK and EU laws


- Open innovation and patent strategy: a practical enquiry beyond the ICT sector
- Trade mark protection in the film industry
- Patent pools and their regulation under EU competition law
- The Internet of Things: which challenges for intellectual property law?
- DNA testing and patentability in the EU and US: a comparative study


- The reform of EU trade mark law – practical significance for right-holders and their representatives

If you would like to write on one of these subjects, either as it stands or with some variation, please email Sarah Harris and let her know. JIPLP's website provides guidance for authors, with useful information on formatting and referencing. You can also access a free sample issue of JIPLP here.

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