June issue now out - what's in it?

As readers know, JIPLP is renowned, among other things, for running ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, our latest issues have been unexpectedly delayed. We’re back on track now though and hope to catch up with our publication schedule as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, let me remind you that many articles, case notes and reviews are available online before issues are formally published - you can read them through OUP's Advance Access feature (freely available to all subscribers).

Here's what you can find in our latest issue, which is now available in print and online. If you are not a subscriber, you can find more information about our subscription schemes here. You can also purchase short-term access to individual articles by visiting the relevant page on JIPLP's website.

Table of Contents

Volume 11 Issue 6 June 2016


Current Intelligence


From GRUR Int.

IP in Review

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