Goldring award for JIPLP founder Jeremy Phillips

Credit: MARQUES Class 46 Blog
It is with great pleasure and pride that we learnt that our founding editor, Jeremy Phillips, was awarded the David Goldring Volunteer Award at the 31st Annual Conference of MARQUES yesterday. Jeremy dedicated his entire life to teaching, researching and practicing IP law, creating, among others, the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, the IPKat, Class 46 and many other blogs and communities. His contribution to intellectual property went well beyond his activity as scholar and teacher, as Jeremy worked tirelessly to bring together all of us in a cohesive, dynamic, curious and supportive network of IP professionals, academics and enthusiasts. Although Jeremy retired in 2015, his passion for IP, his dedication to the IP community and his unshakable enthusiasm will forever live in all of us.

It is only fitting that Jeremy's latest accolade bears the name of David Goldring, whose knowledge of IP, and trade mark law more specifically, was paralleled only by his enthusiasm for the subject. Like Jeremy, David was animated by the desire to contribute to the development of IP, to further its understanding and to shape its policies and laws. In the early 1980s, he was one of the founders of MARQUES, of which he became a Treasurer in 2003, missing only one Annual Conference in thirty years. The David Goldring Volunteer Award, created after his death in 2016, celebrates David's achievements and long lasting contribution by honouring others whose work in trade mark law shares the same spirit, values and generosity. David's ethics and legacy resonate very clearly in Jeremy's lifelong commitment to IP and we share his joy in receiving this award.

We are sure that Jeremy will appreciate receiving your congratulations, messages and best wishes - you can leave them on this page, as a comment to this post, together with the heartfelt congratulations that Eleonora, Marius, Sarah, Guy and I proudly (very proudly!) send to him on behalf of the entire community of JIPLP readers and authors.

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  1. Thank you Stefano for this post and please send my congratulations and hughs to Jeremy! Jeremy, well always, you are an example, an honor to meet you (only by digital means..hopefully one day in person). Again, a bigggg hug!!