IP round-ups 2019 and webinar recordings now all available

A couple of months ago, the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) announced that it was releasing its IP round-ups 2019 in open access format for the next few weeks, also hoping that they would be valuable resources for IP professionals, students, and academics currently away from their physical offices and places of work and study due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

To accompany the release of the various round-ups, the Journal also organized and held a series of webinars aimed at discussing the most topical developments in the trade mark, copyright, patent and enforcement fields.

Whilst the round-ups remain freely accessible, on the JIPLP website also the webinar recordings are now available.

They are:

- The Trade Mark Round-Up Live Webinar with Verena von Bomhard (BomhardIP), Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral (EUIPO), Simon Malynicz QC (3 New Square) and Eleonora Rosati (JIPLP), accompanying the European Union trade mark round-up 2019 by Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral and David Rogers;

- The CJEU Copyright Round-Up Live Webinar with Sir Richard Arnold (Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales), Eleonora Rosati (JIPLP) and Nick Saunders QC (Brick Court Chambers), accompanying the Round-up of CJEU copyright decisions in 2019 by Eleonora Rosati;

- The National Copyright Decisions Round-Up Live Webinar with Roman Brtka (Bird & Bird), Bettina Kövecses (Bird & Bird), Andrea Jarolímková (Bird & Bird), Eleonora Rosati (JIPLP and Bird & Bird), Phil Sherrell (Bird & Bird) and Benoit Van Asbroeck (Bird & Bird), accompanying the National copyright decisions round-up 2019 by the Bird & Bird IP Team;

- The UK Patent Decisions Round-Up Live Webinar with Stefano Barazza (JIPLP) Kit Carter (WilmerHale), Trevor Cook (WilmerHale) and Edward Cronan (Hogarth Chambers), accompanying the Review of the year in English patent litigation 2019 by Trevor Cook;

- The Germany and China Patent Decisions Round-Up Live Webinar with Stefano Barazza (JIPLP), Harald Frey (WilmerHale), Vanessa Wettner (WilmerHale) and Kenneth Zhou (WilmerHale), accompanying: the (1) Review of the year in German patent litigation 2019 by Vanessa Wettner and Harald Frey, and (2)  Review of the year in Chinese patent litigation 2019 by Kenneth Zhou;

- The US Patents Round-Up Live Webinar with Stefano Barazza (JIPLP), David Bassett (WilmerHale) and Shirley Cantin (Gilead), accompanying the Review of the most important cases of the year in US patent litigation 2019 by Dave Bassett;

- The Enforcement Case Law Round-Up Live Webinar with Carina Gommers (Hoyng Rokh Monegier), Sarah Harris (JIPLP), Willem Leppink (Ploum) and Marius Schneider (IPvocate), accompanying the Enforcement case law round-up 2019—CJEU and selected national case law by Carina Gommers, Willem Leppink and Marius Schneider.

All recordings and links to the relevant articles can be also accessed here.

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