Assessing pharma patent strength

JIPLP has received a draft article submitted by Jiejing Yao and Hui Peng and entitled "New Index System of the Strength of Pharmaceutical Patent and its Application". Both authors are doctoral candidates as the Tongji University, Shanghai.

According to its abstract,
"The article proposes a new index system of the strength of pharmaceutical patent protection which covers the aspects of legislation and executive. The index system consists of 11 categories and 37 sub-categories. The SPPP of China (1986-2009), 31 Chinese provinces (2007) and 27 countries and regions (2007) are calculated with the proposed index system, which are the empirical basic to make in-depth analysis on the status quo of pharmaceutical patent protection in sample countries and regions from horizontal and vertical aspects".
After some discussion, the editorial production team are still uncertain as to whether this is the sort of article they'd expect to find in JIPLP. We'd be pleased to receive your opinion as to whether you think it's appropriate for this journal, or whether it is either too theoretical or too remote from the core professional and commercial activities of readers. You can read the article in full here. Please email your opinion to me here.

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