Reviews in review!

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP), like many other journals, carries reviews. These have not been limited to books alone but have embraced the occasional film, article, weblog and even advertisement. Some reviews are short and pithy, but others have been the length of full articles, depending on their importance or topicality. The review section, skilfully developed by Reviews Editor Phillip Johnson since the journal's inception in 2005, is respected for its sagacity, its variety and its integrity.

As part of its ongoing policy of listening to readers' comments and seeking to match their interests, JIPLP would like to hear from you on the following issues:
(i) are you happy with the proportion of JIPLP which is dedicated to reviews?

(ii) do you think that reviews should be made more current by appearing online, on the JIPLP website or on this weblog, rather than (or as well as) appearing in print at a later date?

(iii) do think that the range of items which JIPLP reviews is too broad, too narrow or just right?

(iv) do you have any other ideas for enhancing the review section?

(v) would you be interested in writing a review, should an appropriate opportunity arise?
Please get in touch by emailing here, with the subject line "JIPLP Reviews".

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