Articles in search of an author

The sidebar of the jiplp blog contains a permanent, non-exclusive list of topics on which the journal welcomes the submission articles. There are many other topics on which articles are welcomed. Here is a selection of them:
* A review of how Chinese companies fare as litigants in Community trade mark and Community design disputes before the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) [TAKEN];

* Creation and enforcement of rights in digitised versions of public domain artwork [TAKEN];

* Affordable strategies for monitoring and enforcing rights against the transit of counterfeit goods [TAKEN];

* Approaches towards the post-contractual plugging of gaps in hastily-negotiated IP licences [TAKEN];

* A private practitioner's guide to the perils of dealing with in-house IP lawyers [TAKEN];

* Key points to consider when licensing the exploitation of celebrity name and image rights [TAKEN];

* A comparison of the treatment of look-alikes, smell-alikes and sound-alikes [TAKEN];

* Language issues in everyday patent practice [TAKEN];

* Crisis management for branded goods facing product recalls [TAKEN];

* IP "super-regimes" of the Olympics and Fifa -- should these models be developed or dismantled? [TAKEN]
If you would like to tackle one of these subjects yourself or together with a colleague, either as it stands or with some variation, please email me here and let me know. And here, in the event that you've decided to write on these or indeed other topics, is some guidance for authors of articles submitted to JIPLP.

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