1. Readers have voted by a handsome majority to retain "ECJ" as the preferred abbreviation of the highest court in the Court of Justice of the European Union and, with immediate effect, the editorial team at JIPLP will use this abbreviation when editing articles and Current Intelligence notes. There are still some items in the pipeline in which "CJEU" has been used, but once they have passed through the system JIPLP will be consistent in its use of ECJ. For the record, 69% of respondents opted for ECJ, while just 25% favoured CJEU. We'd be grateful if contributors of future copy would please bear this in mind when submitting material for publication.

2. Subscribers to the January 2011 hard-copy version of JIPLP should all by now have received their copies. If you're not sure whether the most recent copy received is the current one, check the colour: if it's a silvery grey, it's last year's; if it's purple, it's this year's.

3. "Traditional knowledge products in Latin America and their misappropriation", by Marcelo A.G. Bardi, Evelyn GutiƩrrez-Oppe and Rodolfo Politano, was published in Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2011) 6(1). This article originally included a reference to K. W. Tupper, "Ayahuasca healing beyond the Amazon: the globalization of a traditional indigenous entheogenic practice" (2009) GN 9, 117-136. This citation was however lost in the publishing process. We apologise for this omission.

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