Three JIPLP announcements

1. Prospective and contributors as well as referees have sometimes been a little surprised at the somewhat stilted, not to say robotic, flavour of emails which they receive from the journal's team. The cause of this is the use of a large number of automatically generated templates which have proved difficult to change en masse and labour-intensive to change individually. The good news is that, over the next few months, the entire stock of templates is to be revised and made generally more human-friendly.

2. The printed version of the March 2011 issue, which subscribers should have received a week ago or longer, should be accompanied by a printed index to volume 5 (2010). Online subscribers are reminded that they can search the journal's current and back issues via its website here.

3. Later this week this weblog will be publishing a list of articles in search of authors, so that suitably qualified people can volunteer to submit their drafts with a view to peer review and publication. Before we do so, we ask readers if there are any topics that they've been waiting for and which never seem to get covered. Tell us and we'll do our best to find an author for them.

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