Why not have a tilt at writing for JIPLP?

Here are some more topics on which JIPLP would dearly like to receive articles:
  • Problems relating to proof of foreign intellectual property rights in domestic infringement proceedings and/or in Office actions;

  • Initial interest confusion as a ground on which an action for trade mark infringement may be based;

  • Practical implications in intellectual property for the doctrine of freedom of commercial speech;

  • Strategic implications of "trade fair" injunctions;

  • Whatever happened to patent marking?

  • Practical guidance on securing geographical indication protection in the European Union;

  • Trade mark and trade name disputes: are shared market surveys (i) feasible, (ii) desirable?

  • Calculation of compensation where a defendant's business has been harmed by an interim injunction that should not have been ordered;

  • Best practice in negotiating a co-existence agreement with a competitor with a not-too-similar brand r trade name;
If you think that you would be suitably qualified to write on one of these topics, (i) check the journal's Instructions for Authors and consider whether you can manage to keep within their parameters, then (ii) on the understanding that you are comfortable with the Instructions for Authors, please email Sarah Harris (Commissioning Editor), who will deal with you on all logistical and practical issues arising from the submission and publication of your text.

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