How to abbreviate Europe's senior court: time to ask again

In January of this year the jiplp weblog reported that, following a poll of its readership, a handsome majority voted to retain "ECJ" as the preferred abbreviation of the highest court in the Court of Justice of the European Union. 69% of respondents opted for ECJ, while just 25% favoured CJEU. We wrote at the time:
"We'd be grateful if contributors of future copy would please bear this in mind when submitting material for publication".
It has however become apparent that the proportion of contributors using CJEU in preference to ECJ has steadily increased, to the point that a preponderant majority of manuscripts submitted to JIPLP use CJEU and the journal is becoming somewhat isolated in its use of ECJ.  Accordingly I have decided to put the matter to the vote again, to ascertain whether readers agree that the time for change has arrived.  The poll appears at the top of the jiplp weblog's side bar and will be open for a week.

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