Three more books for review

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP) has received three more books for review. If you would like to review one of them, please email Sarah Harris at by not later than next Monday, 16 January, explaining why you are qualified to do so.

Copyright Law and the Progress of Science and the Useful Arts (Alina Ng, published by Edward Elgar Publishing)
"The American Constitution empowers Congress to enact copyright laws to ‘promote the progress of science and the useful arts’. This book offers the first in-depth analysis of the connection between copyright law as a legal institution and the constitutional goal of promoting social and cultural advancement.".
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The Essentials of Patent Claim Drafting (Morgan D Rosenberg, published by Oxford University Press)

"The Essentials of Patent Claim Drafting is a practical guide to the drafting of patent claims in U.S. patent applications. The actual mechanics of assembling both basic and complex claims are covered in-depth from simple mechanical cases to complex chemical and pharmaceutical cases. The emphasis is on the how-to of claim drafting, rather than on the history and theory of claiming. It contains multiple examples for all types of claims which a practitioner is likely to draft, and provides an easy reference for the drafting of particular types of claims. The Essentials of Patent Claim Drafting is written primarily for novice patent attorneys and patent agents, as well as law students and those studying for the Patent Bar Exam".

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Trademark Surveys (James T Berger and R Mark Halligan, published by Oxford University Press).
"Trademark Surveys: A Litigator's Guide is a legal guide on developing and critiquing trademark surveys. In addition to describing the process and different types of surveys that may be employed, the authors provide strategic insight into how best to use these surveys to save time and money. The last chapter offers practical considerations when requesting the services of a survey expert, and the appendices provide a series of sample survey protocols.".
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