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First, a quick reminder for subscribers to the printed version of JIPLP: the June 2012 issue (contents here) has already been dispatched and should be with you by now, all things being equal.

Secondly, if you are submitting material for publication in JIPLP, can I strongly encourage you to take a look at least one recent issue before doing so, and to consult the Contributor Guidelines. It will save someone a lot of work at a later stage -- and that someone may well be you!  In particular
  • JIPLP notes on cases, statutes and other recent development, which we call Current Intelligence notes, must be submitted in accordance with the template which has been in use since the journal was launched in 2005.  We regret that this template is so widely unpopular with authors -- but it is extremely popular with readers. If you want to please yourself rather than your readers, there are other journals out there which may be delighted to publish it, but we put our readers' interests first since we exist for them, not vice versa.
  • Footnotes are for references, not for cut-and-pasted extracts from your own or someone else's research. Also, they really do belong at the foot of the page. JIPLP doesn't do bibliographical lists of references at the end of each article. What's more, since footnotes are for specific guidance of readers, if you're citing a book -- particularly if it's a multi-volume work -- please let us know which volume you are referring to and which page or paragraph.
  • Each article has a title and is likely to contain headings, sometimes subheadings and very rarely anything of a lower order than that.  We do not number paragraphs and their subdivisions, so references such as "see paragraph 3.4.ix(b).IV above" and suchlike have no place in a JIPLP article.
  • Before you garnish your submitted piece with italicised quotes, underlined headings, italicised bold Gothic text and so on, bear in mind that someone has to take them all out again before the piece goes for setting.  This takes time and effort and has to be paid for. 
Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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