Of journals ... and orphans

The printed, hard-copy version of the August issue of JIPLP should by now have reached all subscribers. If you're still receiving just the printed version and wish you were getting hold of JIPLP earlier, the online version offers you that facility.  The August issue was available in full on 13 July, and its individual contents were all placed online before that date via the publisher's Advance Access system.


Meanwhile, do remember that intellectual property law is such a vast topic that it can hardly be contained within the covers of a single journal.  Other journals from Oxford University Press often carry IP topics too.  A recent example is "Law versus technology: looking for a solution to the orphan works’ problem", which has recently been published online in one of JIPLP's sister journals, the International Journal of Law and Information Technology (IJLIT). Its authors are Giuseppe Colangelo (Assistant Professor of Comparative Law and Intellectual Property Law at the Economics Faculty of the University of Basilicata) and Irene Lincesso (a Research Assistant at the Economics Faculty in the same institution. According to the abstract:
"The aim of this article is to analyse the different regulatory and practical solutions proposed both in US and EU scenarios to overcome the orphan works’ issue. Orphan works pose a problem because users, who are legally obliged to obtain prior authorization for making works available to the public, are unable to locate and contact the relevant rightsholders. The size of the problem, in terms of the number of works considered orphans or the value of those works, even if difficult to state with precision, is known to be significant".

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