Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions ...

"The London Olympics 2012—restrictions, restrictions, restrictions", by Victoria Horsey, Rachel Montagnon and Joel Smith (all of Herbert Smith LLP), has now been published online by JIPLP. According to the abstract:
This article explains the three types of rights of association with the London Olympics and Paralympics and how they apply in references to the London 2012 Games.

The authors discuss both civil and criminal penalties, as well the restrictions in place in relation to "fair use" in media coverage of the Games and the restrictions on advertising and trading in the vicinity of the Olympic venues.

Another area that is discussed is the regime within which individual athletes and their sponsors must operate.
We had hoped to publish this article ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games and apologise to the authors and to our readers for our failure to do so.  The article is however still of immediate relevance since, as the abstract makes clear, in addition to the London Olympics, it discusses the legal position regarding rights of association with the London Paralympics, which commence on Wednesday 29 August and conclude on Sunday 9 September.

This article is available through JIPLP's Advance Access facility, both to subscribers and to readers who wish to purchase short-term online access to it.

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