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Another batch of books has been received for review by the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP).  If you'd like to review one, please contact Sarah Harris at Oxford University Press by email here, by not later than Tuesday 9 October.  If you have not yet reviewed a work for JIPLP, please let Sarah know why you feel qualified to review the title in question, providing biographical details if necessary.  The books now available for review are these:

Unfair to Genius: The Strange and Litigious Career of Ira B. Arnstein
Author: Gary A Rosen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
"The long and tortured career of Ira B. Arnstein, "the unrivaled king of copyright infringement plaintiffs," opens a curious window into the evolution of copyright law in the United States. As Gary A. Rosen shows in this frequently funny and always entertaining history, the litigious Arnstein was a trenchant observer and most improbable participant in the transformation of not just copyright, but of American popular music itself. ".
Further information concerning this publication is available from its web page here.


Ambush Marketing and the Mega-Event Monopoly
Author: Andre M Louw
Publisher: Springer
"This is the first book to focus critically on the legitimacy of legal responses to ambush marketing. It comprehensively examines recent sports mega-events and the special laws which combat ambushing. The approach of the book is novel. It does not blindly accept often-touted truisms regarding the illegitimacy of ambushing. The author argues that the debate concerning the ethics and legality of ambushing should be revisited, and that lawmakers have simply gone too far".

Further information concerning this publication is available from its web page here.


Practitioners' Guide to Intellectual Property Law
Editorial team: Adams & Adams (South Africa)
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN is: 9780409050226
This book definitely exists, but we have so far been unable to find a web page for it.

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