@JIPLP: the journal that tweets

In keeping with its commitment to engaging with the intellectual property community wherever the latter might be found, the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice JIPLP) has now established a presence on the social media service Twitter.

The function of JIPLP on Twitter is not intended to be either social or trivial: rather, it is planned as a means of bringing the journal's editorial and production teams, readers, subscribers and contributors more closely and speedily together.  This in turn should result in the commissioning of legal content that is more relevant to readers' needs, the more effective identification of prospective authors, a better balance in the geographical spread of features and the instant promulgation of information concerning commercial and legal developments  that are directly related to current articles and Current Intelligence notes.

This is something of an experiment. I am not aware of any other major subscription-based professional intellectual property law journal that maintains a presence on the Twittersphere, and indeed there may not be any others.  If it works, we will all be its beneficiaries. If it does not, we will at least have learned from the experience.

If you have a Twitter account you can follow JIPLP at https://twitter.com/JIPLP

If you would like to take a look at Twitter's guidance on the use of its brand and trade marks, click here.

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