Not one sister but many: JIPLP, JECLAP and patented tchnical standards

JIPLP's cooperation agreement with GRUR Int has already been the subject of numerous posts on this weblog and elsewhere. The arrangement is now in full swing, with JIPLP regularly receiving English-material from GRUR Int, which in turn hosts items specially selected for it by JIPLP.  The two journals, though separated by space and legal culture, have happily become sisters.

This is not to say that JIPLP does not have other sister publications which are based closer to home.  One such title is the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (JECLAP), which shares JIPLP's publisher, Oxford University Press.  Just as JIPLP's IP content sometimes spills over into the area of competition law and the economics of IP, so too does JECLAP's content converge with that of intellectual property protection.

A good example of this shared interest in the common ground between competition law and IP law has just been posted on the JECLAP website: it's an Editorial by Bo Vesterdorf (a former judge and president of the General Court of the European Union -- formerly the Court of First Instance -- and now a Consultant to Herbert Smith Freehills LLP and to the Plesner Lawfirm, Copenhagen).  This piece tackles the topic of FRAND licensing but treats it from a competition perspective, looking at the consequences of the creation of indusrty-wide market dominance rather than on the private right-holder's interest in protection and commercialisation of his intellectual property.  You can read Bo's Editorial in full here.

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