After INTA -- a big "thank-you"

Now that the International Trademark Association's annual Meeting is over, and all the exhibitors have packed their wares in preparation for the great trek from Dallas to their respective homes, I'd just like to express my gratitude to the team from Oxford University Press -- and JIPLP's editorial board members, readers and contributors who were present -- for their support over a very busy four days.

During the course of this week, we have been able to approach fresh authors, listen to readers' comments and generally raise awareness of JIPLP in the professional and commercial IP communities. Editorial Board members who spent time with us at the OUP booth included the indefatigable Marius Schneider, Willem Leppink and Neil Wilkof, and we welcomed many others too.

Several contributors of Current Intelligence notes and editorials acknowledged the efforts of the journal to promote their writings and to take them to a wider audience via JIPLP's @JIPLP Twitter account and this blog.  The Twitter account now has 282 followers and the blog just over 800 email subscribers, all being people who have opted in so that they can be more in touch with JIPLP via the social media.

We are already looking forward to next year's INTA Meeting in Hong Kong. See you there?

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