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Here are three more books for review in JIPLP. By coincidence all are published by the increasingly prolific Anglo-American publishing house of Edward Elgar.  If you would like to volunteer to review one of these titles, please email Sarah Harris at Oxford University Press at by Wednesday 20 June and let her know your particular interest or expertise in the subject that would qualify you to tackle the task. After that date, you will receive either confirmation that your offer to review has been accepted or a grateful acknowledgement of the fact that you have offered, even though the review has been given to another. Suitably qualified volunteers to review who are unsuccessful will be given priority when next they request to review a book.

Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing
Edited by Jacques de Werra
Published by Edward Elgar
"‘The Handbook brings together a unique collection of world renowned experts providing detailed discussion in every chapter. The brilliance of this collective work is found in its broad two dimensional focus – beyond patents to all key IP assets on the one hand, and country specific discussion for key regions around the world on the other. . . Whether read cover-to-cover as a compilation of current best practice or used as a true reference guide, the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing is a must have for anyone seeking to capture value from intangible assets.’".
Further information available from the book's website here


Business Innovation and the Law: Perspectives from Intellectual Property, labour, Competition and Corporate Law
Edited by Marilyn Pittard, Ann L Monotti and John Duns
Published by Edward Elgar
"Business Innovation and the Law analyses the topical issue of protecting and promoting business research and development. It does so by examining business innovation through the lens of different legal disciplines – intellectual property, labour and employment laws, competition and corporate laws.".
Further information available from this book's website here


Intellectual Property in Common Law and Civil Law
Edited by Toshiko Takenaka
Published by Edward Elgar
"‘Intellectual Property in Common Law and Civil Law presents the perspectives of common as well as civil law, on global IP Law’s most pertinent issues ranging from inventive step all the way to injunctive relief. Edited by Professor Takenaka, director of the University of Washington’s renowned Center for Advanced Studies and Research on IP (CASRIP), the book assembles deep but easy to read essays by some of the world’s leading IP scholars. In short, IP Law’s most important issues from a global perspective; by the world’s leading scholars, yet in a nutshell. Excellent!’".
Further information available from the book's website here

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