Special Issue: The quest for ‘real’ protection for indigenous intangible property rights

The May 2014 issue of JIPLP is a special one, featuring a series of contributions on a topic that is politically, culturally, philosophically and economically challenging -- the protection that is or should (not) be granted to what the guest editors Keri Johnston and Marion Heathcote term "indigenous intangible property rights". We expect that there will be some vigorous responses to some of the contributions -- and look forward to publishing further pieces on this topic in future, especially from intellectual property practitioners whose client work may have to address topics with which most of us remain unfamiliar and often uncomfortable.

The full list of contents reads as follows:
  • Editorial

Current Intelligence

State of the art


From GRUR Int.

IP in Review


The full text of the Editorial will be published shortly on this weblog.

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