Now that INTA is over ...

Last week's International Trademark Association Meeting in Hong Kong provided an excellent opportunity for members of the JIPLP editorial, production and sales team to meet contributors, subscribers and readers, and to hear what they had to say about the journal.

We were encouraged to hear that JIPLP's structure and content are both still finding favour, and that the format of the Current Intelligence notes is particularly appreciated. Contributions by practitioners are favoured over those from academics, though there is a clear expression of desire for more articles by authors whose experiences are in-house.

Several people who approached us at the Oxford University Press booth were surprised to discover that this is not a pay-to-publish journal; all articles are published at no charge to the author, but each must pass through a peer-review process before publication can take place. This is intended to ensure that the journal's content is based on merit and not on the author's ability to pay.

If you would like to write for JIPLP, do please get in touch with us so that we can discuss possible subjects, timing, length and other considerations with you.  Our Commissioning Editor is Sarah Harris, whom you can email here.

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  1. Well, I am not that surprised that INTA participants favoured CIs by practitioners, rather than academics!