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Here's yet another list of books for which JIPLP seeks reviewers. If you think that you are the right person to review one of these titles, please email Sarah Harris at sarah.harris@oup.com and tell her, by not later than close of play on Wednesday 2 July. If you are not yet known to us, please let us have sight of your CV or some other explanation as to why you feel that the book should be reviewed by you rather than anyone else. The books on offer are the following:

Title: Primer On International Copyright And Related Rights
Author: Jørgen Blomqvist
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
"The international law on copyright and related rights is comprehensive and complex, spanning over a large number of different treaties which have been compiled and amended over more than 125 years. This book gives a concise, but comprehensive introduction to the rules and their rationales. Its rights-oriented approach makes it equally valuable to the student and the practitioner who needs both an introduction to and overview over the international law in the field. The book explains all treaties relevant today, from the 1886 Berne Convention to the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty of 2013".
Further information about this title is available here.


Title: Piracy in the Indian Film Industry: Copyright and Cultural Consonance
Author: Arul George Scaria
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
"Piracy in the Indian Film Industry: Copyright and Cultural Consonance sheds light on how copyright law works at the grassroots level in India, by exploring the social, cultural, historical, legal and economic dimensions of piracy in one of the biggest copyright-based industries: the Indian film industry. Based on extensive fieldwork, this book provides novel and insightful findings on the complexity and diversity of perceptions regarding piracy within Indian society. The bottom-up approach analysis adopted in the book elucidates how local factors influence copyright enforcement and the book proposes a mix of positive and negative incentives to increase the voluntary compliance of copyright law in India".
Further information about this title is available here.


Title: Balancing Wealth and Health The Battle over Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in Latin America 
Editors: Rochelle Dreyfuss and César Rodríguez-Garavito
Publisher: Oxford University Press
"The case studies presented from 11 Latin American countries, have many commonalities in terms of economics, legal systems, and political histories, and yet they differ in the balance each has struck between proprietary interests and access concerns. The book documents this cross-country variation in legal norms and practice, identifies the factors that have led to differences in result, and theorizes as to how differentials among these countries occur and why they endure within a common transnational regulatory regime.

The work concludes by putting the results of the investigations into a global administrative law frame and offers suggestions on institutional mechanisms for considering the trade-offs between health and wealth".
Further information about this title is available here.

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