The JIPLP Readers and Writers Group

JIPLP's LinkedIn Readers and Writers Group is an increasingly useful resource for opening discussions, exchanging views and even identifying authors and peer reviewers for the journal's articles. The group now has 246 members and continues to grow. The LinkedIn Group can be visited via this link.

During the past few weeks, an increasing number of attempts have been made to post to the Group, the aims of which are clearly stated as follows
This group is a forum for the exchange of ideas by contributors, readers and subscribers to the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP), published by Oxford University Press
The Group is not a news service; nor is it a convenient dumping ground for law firm newsletters, commercial advertisements or solicitations of business. Any post to the Group that is not related to JIPLP, in terms of its range and quality of content, ease of access, functionality of website and so on will be deleted.

Please respect the integrity of this Group. There are plenty of other avenues for spreading news and for commercial marketing.  Thanks!

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