JIPLP: the search for a new editor begins

Here's an opportunity for the right person!  I shall be stepping down as JIPLP Editor at the end of the year and Oxford University Press has now begun the process of finding a replacement.  The particulars of the position are posted below.  If you think this might be for you, bear in mind that applications should be received by the end of March 2015.  The job looks like this:
Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice – applications invited for post of Editor
Oxford University Press (OUP) is seeking to recruit a new Editor for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (http://jiplp.oxfordjournals.org/). Jeremy Phillips, the current Editor and founder of JIPLP, is planning to step down at the end of 2015 and we therefore invite interested parties to apply as soon as possible (deadline, end of March 2015) with a CV and a statement (no more than two pages) detailing their interest in the post. Please email Rhodri Jackson for more information, or to make a formal application.

Applicants should expect to be interviewed by both OUP and the current editor, via telephone or Skype if need be, so please supply relevant contact information.
JIPLP Editor Roles and Responsibilities
The JIPLP team currently consists of an Editor, a Deputy Editor, and a Commissioning Editor.

JIPLP articles are submitted online via Scholar One. After an initial screen by the Commissioning Editor, the Editor reads all submissions and agrees which should go forward to a peer review process. Each article is reviewed by one or two experts in the field. The Editor then makes the final decision on whether the article should be accepted. Once an article is accepted, it is sent to OUP. At this point, the Editor can then take part in proof corrections.

The Editor is responsible for the following, in association with the Commissioning Editor and the Publisher:
·         Setting the editorial direction of the journal
·         Obtaining high quality content for the journal and delivering it to the Publisher on schedule
·         Managing the peer review process
·         Promoting the journal to authors and subscribers
The Editor will be expected to meet with the Publisher and Commissioning Editor, either in person or via phone/Skype, at least quarterly.

OUP is willing to consider single candidates or editorial teams of two or more people. Single candidates can also apply to be a member of an editorial team. Candidates will need to have significant experience of the publishing process, and ideally will have experience of editing a journal or similar publication.
JIPLP is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to intellectual property law and practice. The journal consists of current intelligence pieces, longer articles, reviews, and content from our partner publications at GRUR. For more information visit http://jiplp.oxfordjournals.org/ .
JIPLP is supported by a strong presence online, through its official website and on the social media.  At present the Jiplp weblog (http://jiplp.blogspot.co.uk/) has nearly 1,000 email subscribers and an archive of over 550 items of journal-related materials going back to late 2009.  JIPLP’s Twitter account (https://twitter.com/JIPLP) has more than 700 followers and its LinkedIn Readers and Writers Group has more than 300 members.  While maintenance of the JIPLP social media is not an integral part of the duties of the Editor, they play a significant part in creating and sustaining JIPLP’s profile within the community of intellectual property professionals and it is hoped that the next Editor will be willing to take responsibility for them.

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