Jumping for Joy as June JIPLP comes out!

It's good to know that after a few months of slightly later-than-expected publication dates, JIPLP is well ahead once again. While we have yet to reach the half-way mark for the merry month of May, the entire June 2015 issue is now available online for the benefit both of our e-subscribers and, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, to non-subscribers who only want to access a single issue, who can purchase short-term access on an item-by-item basis by visiting the JIPLP website here.

Incidentally, there are many reasons why issues are published late -- and most of them are not problems or errors that can be laid at the door of the production team.  Very often it is the author who delays the return of proofs (often because of travel or work commitments that make it difficult to attend to them on time) or who asks for the inclusion of late textual amendments in order to accommodate an item of breaking news or a crucial new legal decision.  Sometimes the author does not appreciate that OUP -- a stickler for legal proprieties, particularly in the context of a journal on intellectual property law -- will not publish a piece until it receives the author's confirmation in writing of his or her agreement to licensing the publication of that piece on OUP's standard terms; many authors assume that OUP will guess that they agree to its terms by virtue of the fact that they submitted the piece for publication in the first place. However, for an international publisher with a market that encompasses virtually every country in the world, and which is therefore subject to the risk of a legal action in over 200 jurisdictions every time it publishes any article, case note or book review, it makes sense to get all the necessary permissions in writing.  This boringly bureaucratic process, which some authors clearly resent, also gives some comfort to OUP's insurers when they calculate not just the risk of facing litigation but the cost of defending or settling it.

Anyway, the June 2015 issue (for which Gill Grassie's Guest Editorial will be separately published later today on this weblog) looks like this:

Guest Editorial

Current Intelligence


From GRUR Int.

IP in Review

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