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* Tim Pinto (Taylor Wessing) has been an Editorial Panellist of JIPLP since its inception in 2005 and spoke at its launch.  If you'd like to see and hear him in action, he has recently had a cameo role (here) being interviewed on an ITV news item concerning the BBC's attempts to preserve the confidentiality of the identity of a racing driver known hitherto only as The Stig (for background on this curious dispute, on which JIPLP looks forward to carrying an analysis in the near future, click here and here.

* "Declarations of non-infringement of another's IP right-- when can, and should, they be invoked?" was the title of one of the Articles in Search of an Author for which JIPLP was recently seeking, and found, an author. Sadly the author concerned has had to withdraw from this project on account of pressure of existing commitments, so he has 'returned' it to JIPLP. If any reader would like to tackle this topic could he or she please notify me accordingly by email here.

* The hard copies of the September 2010 issue of JIPLP, which has now been online for some weeks, should now either be in the hands of their subscribers or should be just about to reach them. Subscribers and non-subscribers can browse the contents of this issue here and read the Editorial here.  A full list of articles published online ahead of the October 2010 issue can be viewed here.

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