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The August 2011 issue

The print version of the August 2011 issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) has been dispatched and is arriving as I write. You can check the contents of this issue here. If you've not received your copy in the next day or so, blame the post!

The online version of this issue has been available to subscribers since Friday 8 July (you can read the Editorial here even if you're not a subscriber) and its contents would have been placed online some weeks earlier than that under JIPLP's Advance Access service -- which online subscribers can enjoy as part of their subscription package, while non-subscribers can gain access on a pay-to-read basis.

Articles in the journal

JIPLP commissions most of its content and also receives a number of unsolicited features.  Whether you are commissioned to write a piece, want to be commissioned or have just written something and are planning to submit speculatively, the person you should be dealing with at first instance is Sarah Harris, who is the Content Commissioning Editor: you can email her here.  It is really important to channel questions, ideas and offers to write through Sarah, since she maintains a database of articles submitted, promised or hoped-for  and can tell you whether the contribution you want to make has already been duplicated.

If you are looking to write something and are unsure what to write about, any of the following are worth thinking about:
  • Anything to do with client privilege and disclosure/discovery of documents in IP proceedings;
  • Strategic and legal issues involving utility model/petty patent protection;
  • Anything on the assessment of compensatory damages and the recovery of an infringer's profits, particularly on how estimates of recovery affect a decision to sue;
  • Civil actions to protect confidential information, both commercial and personal, against cyber-attacks and phone hacking;
  • Whether the Cloud has any significant impact on the legal regime relating to IP on the internet.
Further topics will be suggested soonb. In the meantime, if any of these topics appeals to you, irrespective of jurisdiction, please contact Sarah Harris at first instance.

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