Calling would-be authors

Legal writing has
moved on a bit since
the days of Justinian
With many readers of this weblog shortly to start their vacations or enjoying a period of comparative quiet before everyone else gets back to work after the Olympic season, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind aspiring authors  that JIPLP welcomes the submission of articles on any intellectual property topic and from any jurisdiction -- particularly if they have some useful practical content to them.

Instructions for authors can be found on the official JIPLP website here.  There's nothing in the instructions that says that articles have to be fun, and indeed they do not. But, before you send an anything in, do take the trouble to ask yourself whether, if someone else had written what you were submitting, you'd really want to read it yourself.

If you are planning to submit an article or Current Intelligence piece but are not sure how to format it, you can view a sample issue by clicking here. If you think that JIPLP might already have received a piece on the subject on which you'd like to write -- and this is quite likely if it's on a popular topic or is intended as a Current Intelligence piece on an important recent judicial decision or statute -- you should check first by emailing Sarah Harris here.

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